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All Stars are a great honor yet require a great deal of commitment from the players and parents.  For starters, practices will be daily from June 1 until the team's tournament run ends.  This could be mid to late August.  If families cannot fulfill this commitment, then removal from the team is possible.

The Majors (10.11.12) All Star team play culminates with the World Series in Williamsport, PA.
The 9.10.11 All Star team plays and culminates with a regional tournament in Southeast United States.
The 8.9.10 All Star team plays and culminates with a regional tournament.

Tournament Dates are as follows:
Districts:  No earlier than June 12 for 8,9,10 & 9,10,11 - no earlier than June 18 for 10,11,12
Sectionals:  Unknown
States:  Unknown
Regionals:  Unknown

Currently each division shows a fee of $0, however, depending on sponsorship, each family may be required to pay a small fee to cover travel and uniforms.

Age eligibility for teams are based on Little League ages for 2021.  You can find the age chart here:  Little League Baseball Age Chart

The board will determine a how many teams, how many players per team and the manager for each team.  Manager will have final say of the players on the team.

If your player makes an All-Star team, before June 1, you will be required to complete and return Residency and Age Verification documents.


North Naples Little League All-Stars FAQ

Who is eligible to play All-Stars?

To be eligible, players must meet the following criteria:

  • Play 60% of the regular season games in the Majors or AAA division
  • Live or go to school within NNLL boundaries
  • League age must meet the requirements for each division (ages 8-12)

How many teams are available?

Little league allows every league to enter teams to the divisions that they are chartered for.  Currently we are chartered for:

  • 8/9/10 Team
  • 9/10/11 Team
  • 10/11/12 Team (this is the team you see on ESPN every year)

How are teams selected?

Teams are selected based on the number of eligible players. Players attend an All-Stars tryout. The board then meets and splits the teams up based on skill and position need.

How are managers selected?

The board meets and determines what coaches will be available for the All-Star teams

When do All-Stars begin?

The All-Star season begins June 1 and not before.  Practices can be held daily.  There are multiple rounds of tournaments and teams continue until they lose.  Rounds are:


These tournaments can last into August.

What does it cost to play All-Stars?

The NNLL board’s goal is to minimize costs to parents.  This means finding sponsors and donations.  There could be a small fee based on funds available.

2019 All-Stars

2019 All-Stars

Congratulations to our 2019 All-Stars!
District 27 Champions
Section 6 Finalists

8.9.10 year old

Nicky Bothe
Will Brown
Trever Harmic
Andrew Hendry
Josiah Medina
Gaven Morris
Griffen Steber
Kai Sujevich
Vance Tate
Zack Vanover

Manager: Kevin Flynn
Coach: Travis Hendry
Coach: John Vanover

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